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Deepanjan Datta

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Who Are You?

A web designer, developer and freelancer. For a good part of the day What I Do defines me. My day job title reads: Lead Front End Developer, which sounds rad and pays my bills!

I am an Indian citizen. Presently settled in the Miami Beach, FL. Work aside, some of my interests include: Touring the World, Painting, Drumming, Watching Movies, practicing Martial Arts, Reading, Dancing, Philately and Quantum Physics.

My love for food, especially anything sweet, rivals that of the Hobbits. To quote Tolkien ".. would enjoy six meals a day, if I could get them." A box of Cannoli and a bottle of Kenneth Cole - chances are, you can convince me to fight Godzilla in my PJs.

Feel free to check out my blog to start a discussion, debate or just to express your opinion; or connect with me socially: