For some this might be the first, heady feeling. Excitement, at once tempered and spiked by traces of vulnerable. Be it the impulsive high-school, neo-adult college corridors, office cubes or merely happenstance of finding your significance, your being meet someone’s expectations so perfectly that it amazes you. Seasoned ones would avow “It’s not all a bed of roses .. “. Nod your head, for even as a greenhorn, you’d have seen enough stories – real or reel; read enough novels or owned enough music to know.

Like great artists though, you eventually discover the secret to a masterpiece is often, simplicity. The colors of emotions dazzle to settle into their groove. The shades of human nature manifest themselves only for us to identify an acceptable gray. Imperfections show up, differences hot on its heels, somehow rendering an earthy, real perfection hitherto invisible to star-struck eyes.

Of course, not all rivers meander the same course. But every love finds a moment to cherish. A moment, when you basked in someone else’s glow, a moment when you stopped being what you’ve always been; a moment when subtly, imperceptibly a bit of bias made its way into you. The end result almost always decides the canvas we paint our story on. Some end in tears, separation, guilt, anger, pain or frustration. Others find the wings to soar, the legs to outrun the hurdles.

Today is like any other day. OK well – cards, flowers, candles, chocolates, social media websites may disagree. Heck! even naughty text messages, and secluded restaurant cabins might. Morality and rectitude wouldn’t disagree though, for every 9/11, D-Day or Pearl Harbor, we merely have one Feb 14th. Today is also a quaint reminder of our own masterpiece. In various shapes and sizes, in myriad colors of animate or inanimate, each of us have had our tug of heart.

For everything isn’t fair in love, but love makes everything fair! ..

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