Welcome to the World of Trivia. What might be trivial information to some, might keep others more informed. There's CNN, FOX News, BBC and then there's a treasure trove of random information available on the internet. Quizmasters, talk-show hosts or wannabe millionaires - need a catchy byte which never quite made the headlines, random sports statistics or merely some smart information? Dive in! Here's to dropping the 'L'

Cricket: Minor solace in statistical highlight - Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar become the most prolific partnership in tests going past Greenidge and Haynes. In a series where IND has been thoroughly pummeled to submission it's a rare moment to celebrate.

Jeggings: pl. n. tight-fitting stretch trousers for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans. More words like Retweet, Woot, Sexting and Affluenza make it to the official dictionaries. Watch this space...

"God is good!!!" - If you don't know the famous Tweet yet, you've been sleeping! The most high-profile wedding since The Royal Wedding brought it's own share of frenzy. @KimKardashian's first tweet as a married woman.

Ingrid Jackson - Pop star Beyoncé checked in with that name to upper Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital. Hours later she gave birth to a baby girl, supposedly named Ivy Blue Carter.

36000'F: Typically that's how hot a streak of lightning can get. If 100 Million Volts weren't enough!

Whisper: Even as you speak artfully low, you generate 10-20 dB of sound.

ZAC: acronym stands for "Zone for Autistic Children" A web browser that was developed by the grandfather (John LeSieur) of an autistic child. The features are specifically designed to enhance the web browsing experience of autistic children and adolescents. It is available on the PC platform