Firefox 7 came out with a few promising improvements earlier today for both the regular users and web developers. Here’s a few which hit the spot:

  • Third party ads can no longer re-size your main browser window.
  • The RAM gluttony has been significantly reduced. Especially apparent on my 2004 version 1GB Dell Inspiron laptop. Crashes are less too ( Happy days for the compulsive Farmville player). The lag issue remains though – multiple tabs left open for a while makes switching between them a drag.
  • For web developers – at long last we have the support for: text-overflow:ellipsis; One of the rare aspects where IE was ahead of FF. Follow the link to read more on developer changes.
  • The canvas elements look decidedly snappier – the graphics look nifty, a touch inspired by MAC iPhoto, if you ask me.
  • There are other new features like Websockets now enabled by default on mobile, for two-way communications with a remote host for HTTP – I know little about those but there’s Google 😉

While I’m not sure if it warrants a new version … there’s definitely a clutch of performance enhancements and additional features. For a little while some of the browser add-ons might remain incompatible but it’s mostly big-ups for the MemShrink team.

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